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Premier De Rauw - Sablon

Final Clearance of the Premier Stud De Rauw Sablon Family

De Rauw Sablon Landing Page 1

De Rauw Sablon Landing Page 2

In this auction there are 2 direct children of Young Prins x Andrea Bak 17 who are the parents to the sire of Rossi winner of
1st Open NFC National Fourges 2017.
See Lots 60 & 62.

There are 3 direct children of Gilberts Never Bak (son of Never Say Never) x Andrea Bak 17 (g.dam of Rossi)
See Lots 31, 42, 53 & 64.

Plus another 4 half brothers/sisters to the sire of Rossi 
1st Open NFC National Fourges 2017.
See Lots 17, 26, 37 & 47 

GB16N66108 Underhill Prettejohn 760

Also on auction 2 sons and 3 brothers/sisters of Never Say Never winner of
1st Combine Sleaford 2,717 birds,
1st Combine Sleaford 2,764 birds.
See Lots 1, 11, 21, 32 & 43

Collage 2 NSNG 1024

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Sex of birds believed to be correct but not guaranteed.


Before placing a bid please check that you are on the correct lot as bids cannot be removed afterwards. .......

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Ended on: 03/12/17
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