The Canadian Pigeon International Magazine.

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Where the Champions come to Sell & Read
Magazine features include video links and more!

A publication dedicated to the sport of pigeon racing scheduled to be delivered to you the first of each month. Full of Canadian and international news and events, covering health, loft reports, one loft races, shows, sales and more!

Brad Foster
Phone: 905-372-0530
the Canadian pigeon International
12 monthly issues only $48.00 CDN plus Taxes (if applicable)

We were hatched on Canada’s 150th Birthday July 1, 2017

Advertising Rates
Full Page - $125.00 CDN
1/2 Page - $75.00 CDN
1/4 Page - $40.00 CDN
1/8 Page - $25.00 CDN
Plus Taxes (if applicable)

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Mike Taylor
Phone: 705-722-3807

Our Feature Scribes include
Ad Schaerlaeckens, Chris Sutton, Gareth Watkins, Keith Mott, Paul Gregg, Rod Adams, Jimmy Hamilton, Dr John Kazmierczak, Dr Schroeder, Dr Tollisan, Dr Henk De Weerd, Donal Barry, Jim Jenner, Joe Murphy, Philippe Martin, Dr Peter Boskamp, Dr Colin Walker, Dr Talabér Zsolt, Paul Miller, Mike Lakin, Dr. John Lamberton & Jeff Lamberton, Eddy Noel-Team Noel Willockx, Alex Bieche, Martin Steffl, Santiago Cruz, John Ghent, Terry Peart, Steven van Breeman, John Clements, Michael Feeney, Paul Dalton, Shane Langton, John Gladwin, Allister Black, and Canada’s Silvio Mattacchione.

CPI Ad 11 04 2018