Premier Stud Genuine Stock Reduction

Aug 2020 Premier Kittel 200Genuine Stock Reduction Of Proven Breeders Of Winners For Premier Stud

"As many of you know in my semi retirement I only have 51 breeding boxes in my loft & I intend to keep it at that low level permanently.
However I have bought back a few National and Multiple winners from the fanciers who raced them, and I must now keep some younger stock from the Premier Stud super breeder lines of Man O Chester, Better Than Bolt, Supersonic Mike etc as these birds become older.

Auction Starts Thursday 27th August - Ends Sunday 6th September 2020


As a consequence of this, if I decide to keep 15 new birds in my breeding boxes then I must let the same number go as I am not going to keep above 100 stock birds!

That is the only reason these birds have been released for auction. All the older birds have without exception ALL BRED WINNERS in addition they were all fully fertile in 2020 and I have no reason to doubt that they will again all be fully fertile in 2021. However as I have always done for the last 30 years if any bird that you buy in this auction does not produce for the new owners in 2021 then I will gladly give a replacement/s to the same value so BID WITH CONFIDENCE.

These are absolute proven quality at Federation, Combine & National level.
You will never regret buying quality"

Derek Nicholls, Premier Stud

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2 x 1st & 1 x 2nd prize in the last week bred from birds in this auction.
Lot 33: GB16P27469 Good Looking Girl dam of 1st Federation
Lot 6: GB14R42949 Deb’s dam of 1st Club for Andy Kay
Lot 16: GB16P26979 Better Break dam of 2nd Club for Andy Kay

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