C Jackson & Sons - Cornwall

C Jackson Sons Photo 200C Jackson & Sons - Heremans Ceusters
The partnership own an elite collection of Heremans Ceusters with the loft brimming with outstanding breeders. On offer are 22 mature superbly bred 2020 birds from their very best breeders and 2 older stock birds.

Auction Starts 5th November - Ends 15th November

Parents of the birds included in this auction include:

New Euro, Dark Debbie, Clicky Wing, New Shooter, Super Leo, Armelle, New Diamond, Children of Jan Roeper, Olympic Leo, Olympic Hans, Samson, 
Lichte Blauwe, De Gus

Double G.Children of Olympiade 003, De Jan, Nieuwe Olympiade
The partnership continues to purchase the very best bloodlines with the addition of super breeding hen Oribella dam of 40x1st and a direct inbred daughter of Leo Heremans number one breeding hen Blauwe Kampioentje, mother of world famous De Jan, Jackpot, De Power.

In recent weeks the following results have been reported
Steven Brenton 1st Barnsley Federation 1,467 birds, 2nd Barnsley Federation 2,601 birds
D Wilton & Sons 1st Club, 3rd West Essex Federation Bubwith 925 birds, 1st Club 3rd West Essex Federation Ripon 808 birds 4th London & Essex Amal 1,361 birds, 1st Club 1st West Essex Federation, 1st & 9th London & Essex Amal 1,310 birds.
Soderlund & Maddison 1st Club 3rd South Shield Federation 1,385 birds 9th Up North Section 4 Wetherby (2) 6,086b, 1st Club, 1st South Shields Federation Oakham (awaiting section result)
Mallanburn Bros 1st Club 1st Coquetdale Federation Wetherby (2) 960 birds
Richard Barker 1st Club 3rd Lymm & District Federation Cheltenham 1,580 birds, 1st Club, 2nd Federation
B & G Smith 1st, 4th & 7th Open North West Classic Club Fougeres 336 Miles 407 birds.

Oribella NL15 1897678 B

See Lots 1 & 13

Below are 3 direct daughter of Oribella

Dtrs of Oribella

Son Olympic Nicole

Son of Olympic Nicole (DNA Certified)
Full brother to 19/855 winner of
1st from 1,068b
1st from 6,162b
1st Quievrain 10,492b
H/brother to at least 11x1st prize winners
incl 1st S Prov 12,904b.
See Lot 24


Hercules who is sire to Petra winner of
1st Nat Acebird Short Distance 2017
2nd Nat Acebird YRL Short Distance 2016
5th Nat Acebird Short Distance 2016.

 Lot 22

They also own direct children of the following the super breeders:

Jan Roeper sire to Olympic Leo winner of
1st Olympiad Pigeon Germany Cat D All-Round Nitra 2013

Prins Olympaide g.sire of world famous Bolt winner of
1st National Acebird YB KBDB sold for €310,000

Olympic Leo winner of
1st Olympiad Pigeon Germany Cat D All-Round Nitra 2013

Olympic Hans winner of
1st Olympiad Pigeon Brussels 2017 (All-Round),
3rd National WHZB Long Distance 2015.

Heracles sire of Petra winner of
1st Nat Acebird Short Distance 2017,
2nd Nat Acebird YRL Short Distance 2016,
5th Nat Acebird Short Distance 2016

Blue Bullet dam of 23 x 1st, 3 x 1st National Acebird Title Winners Inc Olympic Stephanie winner of 
1st Olympiad Bird Cat A Budapest 2015

De Gus (Full brother to Olympiade 003)g.sire of 22 x 1st inc Olympic Blue winner of 
1st Olympiad Bird Cat G Poznan 2011.

300 sire to 3rd & 4th National Bourges 24,676 birds

During the summer of 2016 they also purchased some of the very best Heremans - Ceusters breeders from Premier Stud via PIPA  including the Golden Couple 
New Euro x Dark Debbie also China, Ruby, Clicky Wing, New Shooter, Heart of Gold, New Diamond
All of these super breeding birds are responsible for many generations of 1st prize winners throughout the UK.

New Euro Dark Debbie

The Golden Couple New Euro & Dark Debbie. See Lots 1, 3 & 13 



Super breeder responsible for 33 x 1st prizes in 6 generations. See Lots 7 & 19


Ruby dam, g.dam of multiple 1st Fed winners.
Dam of
14th UNC Nat Maidstone 20,000 birds
11th Combine 3,253 birds
30th Combine 3,319 birds
See Lot 22

Clicky Wing

Clicky Wing 
Sire of 9 x 1st Club & 2 x 1st Federation.
Responsible for 3 generations of 1st Federation winners inc

Andorrawing winner of
1st Federation, 5th Combine, 6th Combine
Its No Secret winner of
1st Federation 8th Combine 3,369b
14th Combine 1,383b.
Mighty Gus

Mighty Gus. Full brother to Olympiade 003. Direct son of De Gus g.sire of 22 x 1st Prizes

Prins Bolt Auntie Bolt

Prins Bolt. Half sister to Gebroken Poot super breeder & sire of
Bolt sold for 310,000 Euros.


Son Blue Bullet. Half brother to Olympic Stephanie winner of
1st. Olympiad bird Cat. A Budapest 2015
1st. Nat. acebird SD TBOTB 2013
1st. Nat. acebird yearlings TBOTB 2013
3rd. prov. acebird SD 2013
8th. Nat. acebird SD NPO 2013
Also half brother to New Safier winner of
1st. Nat. acebird MD WT 2015
11th. Nat. acebird short & middle distance WT 2015 &
Hawk Eye winner of 6x 1st Prizes

Super Leo HBrother Olympic Romy

Super Leo. G.sire of 1st Club, 18th Fed 2,000 birds
Half brother of Olympic Romy winner of
1st Olympiad Bird Cat A Brussels 2017
1st from 9,504 birds 305km
2nd from 2,725 birds 283b
3rd from 993 birds 422km
3rd from 5,532 birds 527km
4th from 6,141 birds, 418km

 The partnership compete in the Camborne & Redruth Federation and Cornish Combine with birdage between 350 - 1,000 birds and racing up to 220 miles.

To date they have won in excess of 150 x 1sts at Club, Federation & Combine level.

All results achieved flying 10 birds or less!

-          1st, 2nd, 3rd Club, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Federation, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Combine Okehampton 66 miles (sending 4 birds)

-          1st, 2nd Club, 1st, 10th Federation, 6th Combine Okehampton 66 miles

-          1st Club, 1st Federation, 2nd Combine Frome 146 miles

-          1st Club, 1st Federation, 4th Combine Salisbury 170 miles (sending 6 birds)

-          1st Club, 3rd Federation, 8th combine Woking 220 miles (sending 2 birds)

-          1st Club, 1st Federation, 6th Combine Okehampton

-          1st Club, 6th Federation, 8th Combine Okehampton

-          1st, 2nd, 3rd Club, 6th, 7th 8th Federation 14th, 15th, 16th Combine Okehampton 66 miles

-          2nd Club, 7th Federation, 8th Combine Honiton 104 miles

-          2nd, 3rd Club, 7th, 8th Federation, Okehampton 320 birds

-          2nd Club, 9th Federation, 17th Combine Okehampton

-          4th Club, 7th Federation, 24th Combine Yeovil 125 miles

-          5th Club, 5th Federation, 10th Combine Honiton 104 miles (sending 4 birds)

C Jackson Sons Photo 750

C Jackson & Sons

A small selection of references of fanciers winning with the Jackson birds in 2019:

Richard Barker
‘A Daughter from Clicky Wing x Armelle in her first year breeding is the mother of 3 x 1st Club and a Double Federation winner our myself. This hen has also bred 6 x 1sts for another fancier’

D Wilton & Son (Chadwell St Mary)
1st Club, 1st West Essex Federation
3rd Chadwell St Mary Club
5th London NR Combine 1,050 birds 220 miles
2nd & 3rd Chadwell St Mary Club Newark 122 miles
1st Club Huntingdon, 1st West Essex Federation
1st Club, 3rd West Essex Federation

Martindale & Lawman
‘Daughter of New Euro x Dark Debbie is mother to 2nd Club, 3rd West Cumbria Amalgamation Appleton 1,789 birds & 22nd Derwent Valley Federation Stafford 1,131 birds in her first year breeding’

Mallanburn Bros
1st Club 102 birds, 6th Federation 2,000 birds Chelmsford 267 miles
1st Club, 18th Federation 2,000 birds Oakham 193 miles
2nd Club UNC Maidstone YB National 306 miles
4th Club 314 birds plus many more prizes.
GB19V66030’ winner of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th prizes racing out to 306 miles as a YB.
Nest-mate ‘GB19V66029’ has also won from Okeham193 miles

Nicky Bowers
First year back racing – won 1st Club16th Federation, 157th Open UNC Maidstone YB National 9,020 birds 239 miles 2019