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We are proud to announce the introduction of a new Load Your Own Auction facility on
At this exceptional time we are all living through, adjustments have to be made to our lifestyle until the pandemic eases. We know that many of you will miss the opportunity to go to the pigeon shows to sell and buy new birds. In recognition of this AJ Redstar has commissioned a new service to be added to our website



Load Your Own Facility

Our website will now have a dedicated area where birds can be showcased by the seller for 7 days for a fixed non-refundable fee. The seller will be able to load onto our website pictures of the bird and pedigrees if available. The seller will also be able to add information to the auction slot to help buyers with the background of the bird. The birds will be on auction for 7 days and at the end of the auction the buyer & seller will receive an email with each other's contact details. We will not charge commission just a set fee to cover the set up of this new facility& additional server costs. It will be for the buyer & seller to contact each other to arrange payment direct from the buyer to the seller and also to arrange collection/delivery of the bird.

We know how difficult these months have been for many so for an introductory period the fee to auction & showcase a bird for 7 days will be £5.00 per bird. If your bird sells for £250.00 the fee is £5.00 if it sells for £1,000 the fee is still only £5.00 during the introductory period.
We hope this new venture will interest those of you who are missing the shows and enjoy attending room auctions and looking at the birds on display.
In the past we have only been able to auction a limited number of birds to maintain the quality of our service to buyers & sellers. We have had to turn away so many excellent birds, practically this year, that normally we would accommodation on our main auction site. This new service will allow everyone to auction their birds with us on AJ Redstar at a very small cost.

Below is an overview of how the Load Your Own auctions will be displayed

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This is how it will be displayed when you click on a particular Lot.

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