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Nouwen Paesen 200Ten of the Best Barcelona Bloodlines
Nouwen- Paesen offer for auction 10 superbly bred birds from the best of their long distance marathon family. This family are based on the old original Cattrysse bloodlines that have kept these fanciers at the very top of their game since the 1960s. The Cattrysse pigeons were well known for excelling on very hard days especially from the distance and would turn up when nobody else had seen any. The modern day stars of this family are Super 48, Super 14 and Narbonne. Super 14 is a half-brother to Super 48. Super 48 was the Best international Ace Pigeon of Barcelona between 2012 and 2014 winning the Gold Wing Barcelona, 1st Provincial 1,598 birds, 6th National Barcelona 8,764 birds, 25th International Barcelona 21,169 birds.
Auction Starts 8th October - Ends 18th October


Super 48 (now known as Golden Barcelona) was purchased by Mark Gilbert of Southfield Lofts at auction in the Nouwen- Paesen major reduction sale in 2015. Since being at the lofts of Mark Gilbert Super 48 (Golden Barcelona) has sired a host of top long distance pigeons including

Southfield Hugo winner of
1st Centre Section, 1st Open National BICC Perpignan 634 miles 2017 1st Centre Section & 1st National BICC, 101st Int. Barcelona 703 miles 2018.
Southfield Hugo is currently at the breeding lofts of Hugo Batenburg, on a joint breeding programme.

Southfield Gold Lady winner of
1st Centre Section, 1st National BICC, 151st int. Barcelona 716 miles.

Southfield 888 winner of
2nd National Agen 2020
Another child of Super 48 (Golden Barcelona) won
5th National Marseille in 2019

Super 48 (Golden Barcelona) can also be seen to produce excellent breeding stock as seen in the performances of his grandchildren in the UK National races of 2020, taking 3rd Open British Grand National Pau, 3rd National BBC Barcelona and 7th National BICC Poitiers. Super 48 (Golden Barcelona) was a magnificent racer and now a super breeder. His descendants are sure to excel in the long distance racing scene for many years to come. Super 14 a half-brother to Super 48 (Golden Barcelona) and winner of 1st Prov Ace Pigeon Marathon 2019 1st Regional Ace Pigeon 2nd Regional Perpignan 970km 2nd Prov Ace KBDB Marathon 3rd Regional Agen 876km 3rd Region Barcelona 283b in 2019.

In this auction there is a direct son of Super 41 (See Lot 1) & a G.son (See Lot 5) There are 3 grandchildren of Super 48 (Golden Barcelona) (See Lots 2, 3 & 4) Also 2 children from two half-brothers to Super 48 (Golden Barcelona) (See Lots 6 & 7).

Narbonne is another top draw pigeon winning 1st Provincial Narbonne & 2nd Provincial Montauban but more importantly are his breeding qualities as he appears in the pedigree of many top long distance pigeons. Narbonne is the sire of Beauty Marseille winner of 1st International Marseille 19,622 birds. Narbonne is also the sire of Ramses Narbonne the cock of the No 2 Breeding Pair and father to 1st Provincial St Vincent, 7th Provincial Bordeaux, 10th Provincial St Vincent, 46th International Narbonne 13,092 birds 911km. Ramses Narbonne is also grandsire to 2nd National Bordeaux 4,507 birds, 2nd National Perpignan and g.g.sire to 2nd National Irun 5,886 birds, 2nd National Pau. The grandfather and grandmother of the loft are Favorit 083 and Solange Chanel who are the parents of Super 48, grandparents to Ramses Narbonne and responsible for generations of top long distance national winning pigeons.

Another top breeding hen is Cleopathra one of the best breeding hens of the loft and mother to Super 14 winner of 1st Prov Ace Pigeon Marathon 2019 1st Regional Ace Pigeon 2nd Regional Perpignan 970km 2nd Prov Ace KBDB Marathon 3rd Regional Agen 876km 3rd Region Barcelona 283b in 2019.



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