Koen Van Roy - Asse Belgium

Koen Van Roy 200Koen Van Roy only invests in the very best from all the modern day champions regardless of breed. His main families are Leo Heremans, De Rauw – Sablon, Jan Hoymans, Gerard Koopman, Dirk Van Dijck, and recently the very best of the Dirk Van den Bulck family. Koen has never spared any expense when selecting new breeders to go into his stock loft and if they don’t live up to his expectations then they have to go regardless of what they cost. Koen is a very successful fancier winning many 1st prizes every year and all the offspring from his breeders are toughly tested in the highly competitive Belgian racing scene. Any not making the grade are out including their parents!
On offer in this very special collection are direct children from his best breeders and racers.

Auction Starts 28th October - Ends 8th November

 Below is a sample of his top racers and breeders.

Results 1A 2018

Results 2A 2018

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