De Smet – Van Puymbroeck

Paul De Smet 200De Smet – Van Puymbroeck of Belsele, Belgium
3rd National Champions Long Distance KBDB 2011

During the month of March whilst I was in Belgium I was fortunate enough to visit the partnership of Paul De Smet and Theo Van Puymbroeck. These fanciers house the purest source of Jef De Ridder pigeons which are the base of the De Rauw-Sablon pigeons.

Leo Van Rijn & Jeroen Meeder

Van Rijn Meader 200Van Rijn & Meeder Schipluiden (Netherlands)

Origin of the Van Rijn/Meeder family. The base bloodlines of this family come from the best of,
Gebr. Janssen (Merckx), Karel Meulemans (Kadet), Tournier, Jan Ouwerkerk, R. & X. Verstraete (Uno), D. & L. van Dijck (Kannibaal)


Peter Stakenborg

Stakenborg 200Peter Stakenborg Sprint Specialist Neeroeteren Belgium

5th National Champion Speed Youngsters 2011
1st Provincial Champion Speed Youngsters 2011
1st Overall Champion (Association of 4 clubs 100 members)
6th Provincial Champion, 1st Speed Yearlings 2011

Ken Darlington

Ken Darlington 200Ken Darlington The Welsh Wizard

I have been a pigeon fancier since the age of ten and this is the first time I have been without pigeons for over forty years and believe me when I tell you, it takes some getting used to.After auctioning all my own birds last winter on my website which was a huge success I have had requests from other fanciers to auction some birds for them.