Stevens, Thompson & Simper (STS Lofts)

STS Lofts 200Jamie Stevens, Jay Thompson & Timmy Simper
My word this partnership have really gone to town and invested heavily in some of the best Heremans – Ceusters available including the dream pair Alexis & Fergie, the parents of Better Than Bolt. They also own Dark Destroyer winner of 8 x 1st Prizes and best son of Man O Chester x Dark Delilah.

Auction Starts 28th November - Ends 8th December

William Donachie - Scotland One Loft Race Specialist

Sale 2 William Donachie 200William Donachie - One Loft Race Specialist

Offered for auction is a FIRST CLASS draft of young pigeons bred from Willie’s new introductions which have been sourced and introduced with no expense spared, when only the absolute best is good enough to grace his stock loft and test against the current team of winning racers and
One Loft Racing.
Auction Starts 28th November - Ends 8th December

Campbell & Curran - Auction Two

Campbell Curran 200Campbell & Curran Northern Ireland
The partnership offer for auction 20 direct children from their Van den Bulck, Stefaan Lambrechts & Leo Heremans breeders including the bloodlines of
Kittel, Greipel, Goede Rode, Olympic Rosita, Den Euro, De Jos Cools Hen, Nieuwe Olympiade,
Broer Goede Rode, Nieuwe Olympide, Wild Wind, Den 444 etc

Auction Starts 21st November - Ends 1st December

Roger Lowe - Jan Hooymans Harry Family

Roger 200 Oct 2019Roger needs no introduction and is well known for his famous National winning Little Diamond Family. When Roger introduces new blood to his already successful family they have to be something special so after much deliberation he decided to invest in the Jan Hooymans Harry family. Roger was very selective and only wanted the best from this family which cost him a small fortune. These introductions are already producing top prize winners through to National level including
1st Sect, 3rd Open BBC Nat Fougeres 1,661 birds
1st Sect 509 birds, 9th Open NFC Coutances 2,605 birds

Auction Starts 21st November - Ends 1st December

John & Daniel Baptist - Newcastle Upon Tyne

John Daniel Baptist 200John & Daniel race in the Scotswood Homing Society which is affiliated to the West Durham Amal.
They have been highest prize winners on many occasions but in 2019 they had a fantastic season with their Dirk van den Bulck family winning
22 x 1st Prizes – 24 x 2nd Prizes – 19 x 3rd Prizes.
They have only had this family a very short time and already they are proving to be a highly successful family.

Auction Starts 14th November - Ends 24th November

William Donachie - Scotland

Willie Dave 2019 crop 200The Fabulous FRANS ZWOLS Racing Pigeons
Offered for auction is a superb collection of Frans Zwols from the best breeders.
Auction Starts 14th November - Ends 24th November

This family of racing pigeons have literally taken the UK by storm since there introduction, winning at all levels of National competition,
SNFC.. NFC.. BICC.. BBC.. NIPA.. Combine.. Amalgamation.. etc,
"I was one of the fortunate fanciers who had some of the early introductions into the UK alongside Stuart Wilcox and John Gladwin & John Cowlin.

Proven Breeding Son Of Den Euro Coming Soon

Campbell Curran 200Gerard Campbell & Eamon Curran from Northern Ireland are a hugely successful partnership winning many top prizes including 40 x 1st Prizes over the last 3 seasons including
2017 -15 x 1st, 2018 -12 x 1st, 2019 - 13 x 1st 2019 also
1st RPRA Irish Region, 2nd UK Sprint Champion Award 0-250 miles 2018.
All these magnificent results were achieved racing only hens. In 2019 these hens have set new club records for old bird racing.

Auction Starts 21st November - Ends 1st December

Jos Reilly - Team Ireland Birdy Family

Jos Mark 200Jos Reilly from Ireland needs no introduction and only buys the best regardless of cost. Jos is always on the lookout for something special and has once again gone for the best, in fact he was the under bidder with 60,000 Euros on a very special pigeon by the name of Birdy (DV07-900-06503). Birdy was eventually purchased by Jan Hooymans for 61,000 Euros at the total aucton of Mark Kitchenbrand from South Africa. Jos was fortunate enough to purchase direct children from Birdy and is now offering for auction five double grandchildren of this wonder pigeon.

Auction Starts 14th November - Ends 24th November

Ogilvie Lofts, Stirling Scotland

Ogilvie Lofts 200

In 2015 Tom Ogilvie purchased the best Heremans-Ceusters in Tam Blairs’ entire clearance sale including the No1 breeding pair of Chieftan & Blue Thunder.These have been a Goldmine pair responsible for over 30 x 1st Fed winners. Tom also introduced some of the best bloodlines from GW&P Macaloney’s and a very select number of direct Stefaan Lambrechts. The birds in this auction are all bred down through these fabulously successful lines and have achieved countless multiple federation wins including taking the first 32 positions in Federation Open, the first 27 positions in the Federation also 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Section National Race.

 Auction Starts 7th November - Ends 17th November