Direct Gebr Heeres & Zn Birds £50 Each

Gebr Heeres Zn 200

Fixed Price Clearance
These 7 birds from the championship loft of Gebr Heeres & Zn are available at the fixed price of £50.00 each plus delivery.
The birds are available for collection or delivery from Redstar in Rhyl, North Wales. Telephone 01745 355880 for more information.

Direct Gebr Heeres & Zn Birds £50 Each plus delivery.  

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Dungworth & Farmer

Dungworth Farmer 200On Auction 39 Birds From The Successful Racing Loft Of Alan Dungworth & Mark Farmer

Alan & Mark made a decision in late 2015 to start a small select stud based on the some of the very best proven Heremans breeding/racing bloodlines available. Sadly due to heavy work commitments and a change of job the partnership have reluctantly taken the decision to part with all their Heremans stock and to race in future as individual lofts. They believe these exceptional birds will enhance the bloodline of any loft.

Auction Starts 8th November - Ends 18th November

Ogilvie Lofts Sterling Scotland

Ogilvie 200In late 2017 Ogilvie Lofts purchased 10 pairs of direct Stefaan Lambrechs along side 20 top quality birds from Ian Stafford . These bloodlines whether pure or crossed have proved to be something special winning on numerous occasions at all levels of competition including Club, Fed, East Cleveland Fed, Gold Ring, Averages and Futurity winning thousands of pounds. In 2016 Ogilvie Lofts had introduced 12 Lambrechts from the successful partnership of Gibb & Byrne, Ireland. 7 of these birds proved to be successful racers and 1 won North West Open 2017. Another was winner of Young Bird Of The Year North West Fed 2017.

Ogilvie Lofts have been the highest prize winner in their Federation since moving to their present location just over three years ago including Federation Points Winners for 2016, 2017 & 2018. Ogilvie Lofts are confident the young birds on auction will contribute to the success of their new lofts.
Auction Starts 8th November - Ends 18th November

William Donachie & Dave Baldie (Scotland UK)

Frans Zwols Section Winners 200William Donachie & Dave Baldie (Scotland, UK)
Reduction Sale of their National winning Frans Zwols family. On offer is a fantastic collection of Frans Zwols offered by Willie & Dave after the decision to close the main breeding loft and reduce numbers due to Willie’s current health issues who manages the stock loft, all the racers are now flown from Dave’s loft in St.Andrews with outstanding success at all levels of competition, with some great performances such as
1st Open National, 2nd Open National, 2nd Open National, 6 x 1st Section SNFC etc, all from a back garden loft measuring 16’ x 6’feet, since 2016 the loft has won 32 x 1st Club; 20 x 1st Federation and since 2015 has won 71 Diplomas with the Scottish National Flying Club mostly with the Frans Zwols pigeons as the results below show.
Auction Starts 1st November - Ends 11th November

S & P Kulpa National Winning Family

sp kulpa 200The successful racing loft of S&P Kulpa of Reading offer the fancy 13 specially selected birds including 4 direct Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp, 1 direct Henri Hoeks, 4 of their prize winning racers, a 2015 hen bred from the direct Eijerkamp breeders and a sister to a top racer of the loft, a 2013 bred hen although only lightly bred from in 2018 she is dam of 1st Club, 20th Fed 1,311b and finally 2 hens bred in 2018 from some of the lofts successful breeders. 
These birds represent some of the best and most successful bloodlines of the loft.

Auction Starts 25th October - Ends 4th November


Premier Stud Heremans - Ceusters

Derek Leo 20041 Hand Picked 2018 Bred Heremans-Ceusters From The Very Best Of Premier Stud
"I can safely say these are without doubt the very best draft I have ever sent to AJ Redstar for auction. Once again many, many winners reported to me during 2018, including 2 National winners bred by me from these sensational winning Heremans-Ceusters bloodlines.

Auction Starts 25th October - Ends 4th November

Roger Lowe New Laureaat Family

Roger Lowe 200ARoger Lowe is a perfectionist, his lofts and birds are immaculate so only the very best is good enough for Roger. Roger is well known for his highly successful National winning Little Diamond Family.

He has now invested heavily in direct children of New Laureaat winner of 1st international Barcelona from 25,382 birds.
Roger is offering direct children from his New Laureaat family including 7 direct 
children of Prince Charming top producing son of New Laureaat.
See Lots 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11

Auction Starts 18th October - Ends 28th October

D J Hawkins & Evans

D J Hawkins Evans 200On auction are 32 top class birds from the partnerships best breeders including 5 very special birds which were rung with M.N.F.C Gold Rings. Unfortunately due to a poor weather forecast the birds were not sent to the race. These 5 birds are bred from the VERY BEST. See Lots 1, 2, 11, 22 & 23.

104 x 1st National winners reported from this record breaking family.

Auction Starts 18th October - Ends 28th October